Friday, 18 May 2012

Still around... and busy

Ah! It has been a while since we've updated!

But we're still here!

Keep checking in and keep following us on our twitter account ;)


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Good things come to those who...

Well! Hi again!

I know its been AGES since we've done an update... but thats because we've been hard at work!
We finally decided on a final shirt supplier/printer and... a final supplier for our pins!
Our first run of orders goes in on Monday (thats 2 days from now), and we're just sitting on pins and needles in anticipation of having our first run of stock in our paws!

We'll be giving you the lowdown as it happens on our Twitter (which is just a little faster and easier for us to access while we're on the go) and even if you don't "follow" us, thanks to new gadgetry you can still read our twitterings on the top right hand corner of this here blog.

All this hard work! gah! but we just know you'll love the awesome we're about to "lay down" huzzah!

Till our next blog.
Spit you on the flopside.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Well... its a bit late to only post this now *cough* I'm totally to blame for the delay

But here we have it... we've been taking baby steps to launching Squareheads... its a very big project for us, considering we have other things that take up all our time, and we really do want this to become awesome.

A host for the website has been decided, John's finalising business cards, we're finalising supplier quotes and we're making decisions on markets that we'll be attending.

In the meantime, branded merch is available on our Zazzle store, like iPhone, iPad and Blackberry cases and covers. Shirts in American Apparell wear, even doggy shirts are now available.
If there's anything else you'd like with our Squareheads branding on that you can find on Zazzle, we'll load it and you can buy directly from the site.
No minimum quantities, and, if you watch carefully you'll see all the discount codes they have up and running at the time. ;)

Happy browsing !


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Incase you haven't noticed...

Hello Thursday working humans!

Changes and things have been happening!
We have finally managed to get some products designed with our brand!
You can buy these directly from our Zazzle (also check out our Zazzle panel on the right of our blog). We're still working on resizing the panel so please excuse what its doing to the structure of our blog ;)

If you're in South Africa and you want us to order any of these in for you (for whatever reason), please contact us and we'll send you pricing and details.
Or if there are products on there that you want us to brand for you with Squareheads, but its not on our store, tell us what it is and we'll load it :)

Then, work locally is still going full steam ahead for our planned run of tshirts so that we can prepare for our first markets in February.
We're aiming for Wyetti at the end of February and then adding markets as we go along.

Merchfest is also happening this year again, organised by Merch, please check in on the twitter to get the details as they happen.

There's still alot of work to do, being done, or whatever has already been done.
Some changes will happen on our Bigcartel, relevant to our most recent decisions, and everything is updated REGULARLY on our twitter (also to view  in a panel on the right hand side of our blog)

We'd greatly appreciate if you could spread the word, get more people joining our blog, following us on twitter, and going into the zazzle panel and buying.

In the meantime, inbetween his hectic work schedule with his own business, I'll nag John for some bio setups of the two of us (so you know who's who and who does what here at Squareheads) and if we get some banners setup for our blogs and twitters and stuff, we hope you'll copy them and paste them on your internet lives!

Also please peek in on Heresy Inc's blog (as one of the duo in this crazy team) incase there's anything you miss on here or twitter.

And for now, thanks for stopping in :))


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What is in store...

I'm doing another one of these LATE NIGHT updates... blergh.
So ahead of time I'm apologising for any bad grammar or spelling.

Firstly... *squee*
We really are finalising the first 2 designs that will be sent off to the printers shortly for our first run of stock.
It's so close we can almost TASTE IT!
We'll post the designs on here and on our twitter and for those that know us personally the designs will probably be on our personal Facebook pages for ANYONE to do their pre-orders before we finalise the quantities with the supplier.
But more on that later...with more news on our soon-to-be models, photoshoots and on the Squareheads team...

Then... we have opened a Zazzle store! This is complete apart from our BigCartel store (which will be updated with more accurate Coming Soon stock details).
On our new Zazzle store, you'll be able to order Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry and other cell phone cases/covers/skins as well as t-shirts, ties, bags (really really cool tote bags and satchel types), as well as doodle speakers, mousepads and loads of other stuffffffff.
Its going to be so fun seeing everyone getting some Squareheads merch!

In the meantime, between my oh so lengthy blog updates for the Squareheads office, follow us on Twitter.

Until the next update ;)


Sunday, 8 January 2012

(Insert Magnum PI theme song here)

Well...the year went ahead and started without us... but half of us are back to work!

John, is still in the UK till mid-Jan, if not later (wild guess inserted here)
but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing SOMETHING on Squareheads in the meanwhile over this festive season of jollies and drinking and eating.

Much to do has been discussed. Like packaging, and freebies and of course, the stock!
We're deciding on final ideas and hoping to get back a long list of quotes this coming week... and then we can REALLY get this show on the road.

;) keep checking in here and you'll see AS IT HAPPENS!

Much love and peace and Sunday evening delight from us!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

4am updates...

It's 4am on the second last day of 2011.
It's almost 2012 and it's almost time for us to start finalising designs and ordering shirt stock!

We will maybe be making a "pre-order" service available for those per run of designs that we do, so that you can get specific sizes and quantities (colours of the print and shirt are dictated by the run we're doing at that particular time).
There will probably be a deposit needed on the pre-orders, as we have to put down a deposit on our orders with our current chosen supplier.
We're still under discussion about this and the details of it, so keep checking in ;)

One of our planned stock shirts

Other than all this... we're also on our "downtime" after the Christmas madness.
John is still in the UK, having a blast and a half (some of his activities have included catching wild eat?)
Once his ADD gives in we'll maybe get him on gtalk for longer than a few seconds to finish some Squareheads stuff off ;)
we can only hope

Until then (probably being the next update)
have a fantabulous Thursday, bring on 2012!

Spread the love (not the desease)